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Interviews with the Greats:


Kerry Daigle 

Kerry is a prominent boxing promoter who has worked with Don King and has had shows featured on HBO, ESPN and Showtime. In this call he shares with us why extremely successful people are attracted to our opportunity. He also passionately promotes the power of personal development and reading to enrich both your life and business!



Dr. Carol Watson


Dr. Carol is one of the most passionate and heart centered woman in our business. She has recenty lost 70lbs and 5 sizes in a yearlong journey of healthy living and we love her quote... "as I shrink, my business grows". Find out why it's important to keep developing your product story and find out what;s working for her weight loss journey.


Jennifer Myers

Listen and learn as NMD Sandy Veilleux interviews the one and only Jennifer Myers 100 Club NMD. She shares with us her story and how she and her husband were able to sail around the world for 15 months while their children were still young, all due to the financial freedom and residual income that their Juice Plus Franchise has gifted them with.



John Holowaty 

John is a now retired personal trainer who found the Juice Plus business and struggled through the first two years making less than $50 per month! After simplifying his approach, learning how to tell other people's stories, increasing the fun and learning where to properly spend his time he was able to explode his business helping thousands of people along the way. John is fast approaching 1000 qualifiers and is a true servant leader to his team and anyone who requests his help.


Emma Sneddon

This call is gold. Emma is a wife and mother of two, former full time employee working in the daily grind and commuting for a few hours every day. She was not interested in starting a business but became the fastest 100 Club in the world, retired her husband and purchased their dream home in the country side. Learn what she does with her massive team and find out what a nurturing lady she really is.


Rachel Allen 

Rachel is a powerful lady in her early 20s. She took the Juice Plus virtual franchise and blew it up with her giant heart and extreme work ethic, all while full time in University. Under a year to NMD, Rachel chose to use the tragic passing of her mother as fuel and a reason to make a beautiful & happy life for herself.  


James Lavelle 

James is a young, passionate and driven business man, a single dad and a now retired member of the British Military. In under 10 months he reached 100 club, a huge level of distinction in our business!! Having helped thousands of people along the way, he was also able to support his mother financially. The business how to's in this call are a game changer.


Courtney O'Donnell 

This personal trainer and busy mother of five will wow you with her positive energy and passion for what we do! She stresses the importance of qualifying your business and teaching your team to do the same!


Demi Donnelly 

This very young and busy mother of three children under the age of 3 was able to blast to National Marketing Director in 90 days and retire her husband home to his family all at the age of 22!! Her ambition, heart and maternal instincts are truly inspiring!!




Business Trainings:


Team Synergy Inspires - Webwalk

Learn the ins and outs of this entire website simply by listening to this audio. What is a Start Up Call? What do I tell people who have asked me for more information? How do I share with someone new? What are the 2500 points about? This call tells all.


Dig In to Your Deep "WHY"

If your "WHY" doesn't make you cry.... or in other words... if the reason you are doing this business doesn't move you to tears then you haven't truly peeled back the layers to reveal your true WHY. Listen to this call as National Marketing Director Barb Kunst walks us through getting to your deepest "WHY".


What Does it Take to Get To SSC?

This call really gets into the nitty gritty of what it takes to bring your business to the next level, especially into any of the leadership positions! Find out from some of the fastest in the business what they did and how you can do it too!


Facebook PartiesLearn from this training what a Facebook party is, how to properly invite to them, how to host them and most importantly how to follow up and get customers and team members from them. Also we have created 4 different party templates, listen to find out which one you'd like to host first!! 


Customer Care Tips

Learn from 3 of the best on our team, what do they do to take care of their customers? How do they have some of the highest customer retention in Team Synergy? Take a listen to learn their customer care methods.


SSC in 3 Months... Say What?

What are these ladies up to?? VFs in a couple weeks, Sales Coordinator in 5 weeks and most recently Senior Sales Coordinator in 90 days!! Learn from the fastest team in Synergy history.