Start Up Steps (New Rep)

** Note to Upline: Congratulations you have a brand new team member!! If your rep signed up for a discount only take them through a Discount Plan Meeting.  If they have goals it's time to schedule a Start Up Meeting with them which is outlined below, in person is the most ideal but over the phone or in a Zoom meeting will also work, allow for about an hour. Before the meeting please have them watch the following video with their partner or spouse where applicable:

Complete each of the following 10 steps during the meeting:


1.  Set Distributor Expectations and Write Down Their Answers:

  • "I'll be reading directly from these 10 start up steps to keep it simple, then when you get your own team members it will be just as easy for you to give them a strong start.

  • I'm so excited for you, this business is amazing and can be whatever you want it to be. We have people in our team who have covered the cost of their product, who earn $500 per month for a car payment and many who have decided to make this a full time income as well. What are you thinking your business goals are?

  • It's important to identify WHY you are doing this business,in other words what does it mean to you when you reach your business goal from above? Will it allow you to be home more with your kids? Bring your husband home from working away? Buy your first home? Travel the world? Become involved in a charity or cause thats important to you?

  • We have so many amazing events both online and in person happening in Team Synergy. Please pick and choose the events that fit for you. You DO NOT need to attend them all however we would encourage you to attend at least one Freedom Project Facebook Event which happen Sundays at 9:00pm, a business event (Regional, Bootcamp or Conference) and a live product event (Prevention Plus, Healthy Living Revolution, Salad in a Jar, Wine and Wellness, Smoothie Party). Guests can be invited to any of the events.

  • The beauty of this business is that you are your OWN boss!! I can't build your business for you but I'm here to support your goals and provide guidance. We believe in creating independence and empowering confidence in our new team members with this website, so you have all the tools you need to create your own success.

  • As with anything new there will certainly be good times and challenging times. Often when someone has been rejected by a close friend or receive some negative feedback, they have a tendency to pull back from their business. If this happens to you is it ok if I remind you why you started your business and help you get back up?"


2.  Let's click on the following link to have a quick look at our Virtual Office Tutorials.  This is where you will find short 2 minute videos that will teach you how to enter orders, set up your website, set up a Child health study and sign up a new distributor. The page can also be found in a tab at the top of this page for future reference.


3. Once you have customers of your own you will want to review our Customer Care Tab to learn how to help them get consistent with their product. Excellent customer care is a trademark of Team Synergy that will help your clients experience the full benefits of their concentrated nutrition. This will build a customer base of raving fans which leads you to a solid paycheque and even some potential team members. 

4.  Find out what's possible in the first 6-12 months by clicking on the image below and watching the video right now.  After the video let me know if you have any questions.

5. Let's open our calendars and book 1 in-home event and 2 Facebook events in the next 30 days that I will help you run. While we have your calendar open let's write down the fast track dates for your promotions to VF (30 days), VFQ (6 months) and SC (12 months). How would you use your fast track bonus money of up to $2650?

*** IMPORTANT - In order for you to feel confident enough to invite friends to events we've just scheduled it's important to understand our soft invitation technique. This is unique to our team and our product, please watch the following video now:

6.  We would now like to introduce you to a 3 way call. This is when you will ask one of your prospects to jump on the phone with you and your upline. We use this tool with people who intimidate us because they are a high quality friend or acquaintance (we call them a member of your "chicken list") and we feel too nervous to explain the product/business to them alone OR with a prospect who has difficult questions to answer. Bring in the reinforcements!! You can use the script below or verbiage of your own to invite 3 prospects onto a quick 15 min call with us. These 3 way calls are relaxed, fun and highly effective because your people will get educated properly while you learn how to share. Here's an example message you can text them but feel free to make it your own:

Hi ___________. Hope you and the family are keeping well. So nice to see you last _______! (or mention how nice its been to watch their family grow on Facebook - something personal) I'm actually texting to see if you wouldn't mind helping me out. I've started a new venture in the wellness industry, I'm really excited but also nervous, sending this text is way out of my comfort zone! One of my start up tasks is to jump on a 3 way call with some friends so that I can gain some confidence and learn how to properly share with people. Would you do me a huge favour and be one of my people? You just get on the phone with us, listen to my friend _______ share their story and some quick info and then you can ask questions if you have any, the calls are about 15 minutes long. You don't need to order anything but it will be nice to know that you have the info and also your feedback will be very helpful. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time, I know how busy life gets.

7.  Commit to the next training event (Regional, Bootcamp, Prevention Plus Health talk, etc). Book the upcoming events that work for you into your calendar including a "VF meeting" following your VF date we set earlier.

8.  Download the following free apps:

  • Voxer - to communicate via voice with your business partners

  • Zoom Cloud Meetings - to join video team trainings

  • Tiny Scan - to convert photos to pdf documents (ie. VOID cheque rather than a credit card for payment)

Sponsor Homework:

a).  Add them to the Team Synergy Facebook page and welcome them with a photo.


b). Add them to "The Healthy Living Club" Facebook page, our team's customer care page where all of your future customers should be added.


c).  Create a welcome message on Voxer or Facebook messenger with your new team member and all of their upline.

9. Let's create your first Facebook post together. A great example; take a photo with the capsules in hand and write a post explaining what you have already noticed since starting product or why you are excited to start. Make it personal because people care about you not your product. It's important to create curiosity (ie. don't mention the name Juice Plus), include humour and avoid selling or asking your friends to buy. Simply share your excitement with some personality! Here's a couple of examples but please download the social media manual linked below for more detailed information on how to use facebook properly.


"I would have never guessed that powdered fruit and veggies would have improved my immune system and helped my family to get regular (insert funny emoji) #concentratednutrition #plantshelpyoupoop"

"Excited to get these babies in the mail... #saladinacapsule #partyinthebloodstream #plantpower" 

10. Homework (to be completed in a week, text me after each task is complete):

a). Scroll through your phone contacts and facebook friends to make a list of people to invite to your events.

b). Set up your first facebook event, I'm here to help!

c). Personally invite at least 20 people to your event with either a selfie video, a voice note or a personalized typed message. This short video has so many great tips on how to invite effectively, making your guests feel honoured rather than sold to:

d) Repeat steps a-c with your next two events. Remember to properly follow up with all of your invited guests! 

*** Note if you are a distributor in the United States, please click here for your Start Up Meeting:

         US Start Up Meeting