Start Strong Steps

Welcome to Team Synergy!! We are a family who are focused on positivity, personal growth and support! I'm just going to read these steps directly from this page and you will do the same when you start your team members:


Step 1.  If you haven't already done so, please attend our amazing Start Strong call, which happens every Monday night at 8pm MT in our Team Synergy Online Meeting Room. This call will give you all the how to's and vision of what's possible for you regardless of your personal goals with this business. Click here to access this meeting room live on Mondays, try to be at least 5min early:




You can watch this recorded Start Strong Call:

Step 2. Let's develop your Juice Plus Story so you can share your excitement person with people who are interested in what you've been up to. Very simply, your story is this:

a) What pain are you in? (ie. debt, single parenting, kids in daycare, hate your job, want to travel etc).

b) What are you excited about? (work from home to be with your kids, book that trip of a lifetime, etc)

Example: "I became a single mother literally overnight and without warning was on my own financially and physically with my kids, I'm so excited and grateful that I can build this business on my phone in the stolen moments of nap times and after bedtime so that I can still stay home and be with my babies during this difficult transition. They're so confused and they need me home right now."

The answers to A&B are not only your story but your "WHY" for doing the business.


* Repeat this process for your Juice Plus product story as well.

Example: " My son was suffering from severe tonsil infections every 60 days and we were tired of the antibiotics, pain killers and anti-inflammatories. Not only was he getting sick more and more frequently but he was also struggling with behaviour and attention span issues. As a mom I was so sad because I just knew this was not his true personality. I agreed to try Juice Plus as a last resort and within 2 weeks my son was fighting his throat infections without medical intervention! It's been 6 years now and he's not been on antibiotics since, his behaviour and attention span have normalized and we never did have to remove his tonsils! We were always good eaters but I guess he wasn't getting enough."

Work on your 2 stories and send them to your business partner within 24 hours.

Step 3.  Now that you have identified the pain in your life that you would like to eliminate (your WHY) lets get clear on your desire. What amount of income deposited into your bank account on the 10th of each month would address your WHY

Vision from the Start Strong Call:

3 Club: $1000 per month (3 excited team members)

8 Club: $1500-2000 per month (2 of your above team members built their own 3 club)

12 Club: $2500-4000 per month (3 of your excited team members built a 3 club)

24 Club: $5000-7000 per month (6 of your own team members built a 3 club)

Reminder: In order to find one excited/working team member you will probably have to sign up five. Statistically every 1 in 5 is a worker. For example: In a 3 club you will need to sponsor 15 team members personally.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.47.11 PM.png

Step 4. a.) Choose 3 dates over the next 30 days for your "launch events", this will help you reach VF (2500 points in any 30 day period), this is a big promotion that comes with $300 bonus money!! Your 2500pts can come from any combination of product orders, save these two images into your photos:


b.) I will make you a launch flyer for all 3 of your chosen dates from the templates below; just text me the photo you would like on your flyer. The events happen every Wednesday at 8pm and Thursday at 9pm MT in our Team Synergy Online Meeting Room.

c.) Let's open your calendar and choose your 3 dates right now!



Step 5.

a.) Please create a list of people you'd like to invite to your launch events. We recommend 100 but it's your business so do what you feel comfortable with. Using the Team Finder document linked below can really help jog your memory for people you wouldn't have thought to add to your list:






b.) From your list of 100 our advice is to invite 50 people to your first event and 25 people to launch events #2 and #3. The more people you invite to these events; the more likely you will achieve success with your income goal. In order for you to feel confident inviting friends to the events we've just scheduled it's important to use our invitation verbiage. You can send it as a text, a voice note or even better a selfie video! Please feel free to tweak it and make it your own but trust us, this technique works:

"Hey Cindy,


Hope you’re keeping well. 💗(Insert something personal to them; ie. your girls are doing so well with dance hey?? Etc.)  


I’m actually reaching out to ask a favour. ☺️🙏🏻 I just started a wellness business so I’m doing an official launch event! It’s kinda like if I was having a coffee shop grand opening, but this is actually online so you can show up in PJs if you want 😜. I’ll be sharing my story 😬 and I’m wondering if you would come and be a friendly face? 


I’d love your support and feedback in particular because (insert genuine compliment, ie. you’re so fit, you feed your kids so well, I admire your parenting, etc) and who knows, maybe something will end up a fit for you 🤷🏻‍♀️ Are you free _________ at _______ (date of your event)?"

** Then on the day of the event send them this link, when they click it they will be prompted to download the app:

** If they can’t get online for a LIVE you can send them this link:

Step 6.  Last but not least it's time to make your first post on social media! The goal here is to create curiosity by sharing YOUR experience with the products or by sharing your excitement for them. It's best not to give them too much information about what it is until they ask. Please look at the "Example Product Posts" photo album in our Team Synergy Facebook Page for more ideas, I'll show where it is right now

Here's one example:

So excited for some natural energy and an immune system tune up!! Ready to feel young again...

#concentratednutrition #keepingupwithmykids

Sponsor Checklist, be sure you have:

a).  Add them to the Team Synergy Facebook page and welcome them with a photo.


b). Create a welcome message on Voxer or Facebook messenger with your new team member and all of their upline to your closest NMD.


c).  Once they've had a launch event or they have their first team member or customer it's time to do a more in depth meeting to teach them how to enter orders etc.  Schedule their next meeting and use the steps linked below:


Start Up Steps Meeting #2