Start Strong Meeting #2

Congratulations you have officially launched your business:


1. Let's click on the following link to have a quick look at our Virtual Office Tutorials.  This is where you will find short 2 minute videos that will teach you how to enter orders, set up your website, set up a Child health study and sign up a new distributor. The page can also be found in a tab at the top of this page for future reference.


2. Once you have customers of your own you will want to review our Customer Care Tab to learn how to help them get consistent with their product. Excellent customer care is a trademark of Team Synergy that will help your clients experience the full benefits of their concentrated nutrition. This will build a customer base of raving fans which leads you to a solid paycheque and even some potential team members. 

3. Learn how to make your way through the marketing plan and earn your first $2650 in bonus money by clicking on the image below and watching the video right now.  After the video let me know if you have any questions.

4.  Commit to the next training event (Regional, Bootcamp, Prevention Plus Health talk, etc). Book the upcoming events that work for you into your calendar.

5.  Download the following free apps:

  • Voxer - to communicate via voice with your business partners

  • Zoom Cloud Meetings - to join video team trainings

6. Let's get good at Facebook. It's important to create curiosity with your posts (ie. don't mention the name Juice Plus), include humour and avoid selling or asking your friends to join your team. Simply share your excitement with some personality! Here's a couple of examples but please download the social media manual linked below for more detailed information on how to use facebook properly.


"I would have never guessed that powdered fruit and veggies would have improved my immune system and helped my family to get regular (insert funny emoji) #concentratednutrition #plantshelpyoupoop"

"Excited to get these babies in the mail... #saladinacapsule #partyinthebloodstream #plantpower" 

"No big deal, just went and started me a business!!" #entrepreneur #theboss #myofficeview (include a pic of your office view ie. your kids playing, your deck etc)


When your ready for more detail please visit our 3rd and final meeting with your business partner:

Start Strong Meeting #3