Start Strong Final Meeting: 



1.  Yay you got to VF!! Click on the image below to learn how to print and read your downline growth and current pv report. Do you have any questions?










2.  We track our customers using a Preferred Customer Genealogy Report which is automatically emailed to you each Sunday. Click on image below for details on when their next box of Juice Plus will ship, if their payments are up to date, etc.:









3. Make sure you are using our Customer Care System to help your customers become consistent with eating their Juice Plus. Make sure you are using a Start Up Steps with all of your new team members so they can get to VF as well!


4.  I'm so excited for your next promotion - VFQ!!!! Qualifying your business is so important and if done quickly can even include some awesome bonus money. The image below explains it but basically you want to have a nice solid customer base:


5. Marketing Plan - Explain & Goal Set (VFQ, SC, SSC, QNMD, NMD) ~ click on the image below for details








** The above training is designed to illustrate how you can fast track through the marketing plan, we also have other options to fit into any timeline.

**Refer to The Juice Plus Profit and Incentive Guide for full details.



6. Lets take a quick at your Facebook profile together. We want to make sure that you're posting in a soft and curiosity creating way while keeping your page clean and clear of clutter. Do you have a clear profile photo, is your bio up to date, etc.? If you have big goals with your franchise please watch this training video by Laurie Trigg for further information on developing your social media brand:  Social Media Branding

7. Check the List (100 Names) that you made when you started, text or private message the people who have not yet been contacted. Invite these people to a live event, The Freedom Project (every Wednesday at 8pm MT and Thursday at 9pm MT on Zoom ID 7774443377). If you have already contacted them all, congratulations!!!! It's time to add to your list.

8.  Now that you're officially a VF I've got a gift for you! Whats your email?

     Send them an audio of after you use the If I, Would You verbiage and set a time to chat about the awesome book after they've listened to it:

         - Go Pro - 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional (Eric Worre)


9. Let's take a minute to work on your story, how do you share with people what Juice Plus has done for you or what the business has done for you? Watch this video to learn how to engage your listener:




10. It's really important to create a clear set of both personal and professional goals as you move forward with your business. Please create an electronic Vision Board as homework (the example below was created in Pic Collage) and set this as your lock screen image. 1 week to complete.