Discount Plan Meeting


1.  Welcome: We are grateful you’ve joined us on our mission to inspire healthy living around the world. This is your business, and you can do as much or as little as you choose. We realize you joined to offset yours or your family's product costs, if you haven't already watched this video, here's how your family discount will work:

2. We are hoping you would consider sharing the benefits of Juice Plus+ with your loved ones to increase the discount you will receive. What if one of your friends or family members were silently struggling with a health issue? What if Juice Plus was able to make a positive impact on their well being? What if they didn't even know they could order it from you?

3.  On that note, would you consider hosting a relaxed event?


a) In-home: this is where you invite your loved ones, suggest they leave their wallets at home, and we will share my passion for Juice Plus in a friendly and very laid back way :) Here's how to Effectively Invite

b) 3 Way Call: a phone call where your friend/family hop on a call with you and I, I will share a small amount of Juice Plus info and my story with them and will answer any questions they may have.

c) Facebook Party: We have ready-made templates, images and videos to share. It is a simple copy and paste action from a script. You invite your guests to this online Facebook event, where we will post and help answer their questions. They take about 30 minutes. 


4.  Virtual Office Tutorials: Here you can learn from a series of short and easy videos how to set up direct deposit, set up your website, submit orders, and sign up a new distributor. 


5.  Please consider attending one of our Upcoming Events and feel free to bring a friend!! Our events are filled with positivity, heart and passion. We know you will walk away from any one of them feeling even more excited about the health journey you have just begun with your family.

6. Please take a moment to visit our Customer Care Page to learn how how learn how to adjust your own order and find an easy to follow guideline on keeping your other customers happy :)


Remember, if circumstances change and you wish to pursue your Juice Plus+ business with more intention, we offer simple and easy steps to get you off to a good start. Please take a look at our Building Your Business Page. Thank you for sharing with those closest to you.