Customer Care

It is so important to care about and educate your customers. If you do this properly throughout their first year on the product you will have a lifelong customer and maybe even a future team member!


* Your most important job in caring for new customers is simply making sure they create a Juice Plus Habit- taking their product every single day. You can do this any way you see fit. Text, call, selfie video or email them consistently in the first few weeks. 


The Basics:      

  • As soon as they order send them How to Take Juice Plus? (

  • Be excited for them; you teach them how to feel about their purchase. For example "I'm so excited for you, you just made a massive investment in your family's health... this is the world's most thoroughly researched, brand name, nutritional product!!"

  • If they haven't already been added to our amazing TSE community please add them as soon as they order!

  • It's helpful to find out what your customer is hoping to notice as a result of taking their JP products, ie. better sleep, improved energy, bowels or immunity. Write this down as a note in their contact on your phone so you can properly follow up with them as time goes on.

  • Remember to invite your customer to the LIVE and ONLINE events we host consistently, it's so beneficial to remind them of how powerful this product really is. When they hear stories of other people's success they feel proud and excited about eating theirs daily too!

  • 3 1/2 months (Next shipment is coming in a couple weeks): ​ Touch base with them and make sure they are ready for a new box, it's so important that they don't receive an order without consenting to it.  "I just wanted to congratulate you quick because you've been eating Juice Plus for 3 1/2 months already! Are you noticing any new health improvements? How is your supply? I have you down as needing another box on _________. Is that date good for you or do you need it sooner/later?"

Ongoing Shipments (reminders in your phone):

  • Sometime during month 4-8 (Box #2) - Call them or send a selfie video to thank them for being a loyal customer and then continue to check in with them every couple months. 

  • After they have accepted their third box (month 9-12 on the product); mail them a card with a $20.00 Tim Horton’s card. Trust that this gesture goes a long way and is very well appreciated!

  • No matter how  long your customer has been taking JP it is imperative that you find out if they are ready for their next shipment before it goes out.




How do I ask a customer to join my team?

  • Double check with your customer when they order and then again at the 90 daymare (before they receive their next shipment) to see if they would like to pay regular price or receive a discount. "I'm so excited for you to get started! Just to confirm before I enter your order, did you want to pay full price, get a discount or have your Juice Plus cost covered?" (if discount - offer the Family Plan Discount (, if they would like to get their cost fully covered then sign them up and do a proper start up meeting - help them get to VF)

What if my customer is feeling worse since starting the JP products or a Shred?

  • It's common to notice detox symptoms such as mild headaches, change in digestive function, mild skin rashes or even feeling more sluggish. This is called Detox.  Please send your customer the following link if they are experiencing detox symptoms of any kind:

What if my customer keeps forgetting to take their JP?

What if my customer isn't noticing any changes?

  • ​​If they haven't noticed anything yet, reassure them "nutrition takes time and you can't always feel prevention"

  • Help them make a plan for how they will measure this desired outcome if it does happen for them (i.e. more energy, perhaps they won't have an afternoon lull or they are waking up before their alarm)

What if my customer wants to cancel?

  • Good customer care will reduce cancellations, however they do still happen. If your customer wants to cancel remind them that they can delay instead and take time to "catch up". If they persist, be positive, thank them for being a customer of yours and let them know you would love to help them in the future if anything changes.

What if my customer wants to delay or speed up the next shipment of their own order?

  • Your customer that they can adjust their own order through the customer portal found on the website, just click the little person logo beside the globe. See image below:

Feel free to send any of the following images along with the text you are sending them. You can send them any time you feel is right: